Supercharge Your IT Helpdesk Team with AI

Tevet.ai revolutionizes IT support by automating repetitive tasks, streamlining ticket resolution, and enhancing IT team efficiency through advanced AI integration.

More than 40% of IT time is wasted on repetitive tasks

By seamlessly integrating with your existing ITSM tools, Tevet.AI provides instant categorization of inbound tickets and auto-resolves routine queries, boosting user satisfaction and improving IT performance.

AI-Based Ticket Processing

Tevet.ai’s proprietary AI model analyzes incoming tickets and understands the problem – just like an IT person does.

Remote Troubleshooting

Tevet.ai remotely troubleshoots the problem without the need to install any agent.

ITSM Integrations

Tevet.ai seamlessly integrates with your ticketing systems for end-to-end automation. No manual work required.

Chat Inquiries

Tevet.ai will chat with the user, inquiring for more information about the problem, until it properly understands the issue.

Advanced Dashboards

All statistics regarding intercepted, processed, and troubleshot tickets will be displayed, managed, and organized in Tevet’s management dashboards.

Ticket Expediting

In case Tevet.ai can’t automatically solve the issue, it will collect useful information for the IT team, minimizing the effort spent on tickets.

The team behind Tevet.AI

We're a team of passionate security, AI and system engineering professionals who are on a mission to make IT Helpdesk great.

Testimonial 01
Itay Saadia
Co-Founder & CEO
Ex-8200. Managed a development team at the age of 18.
Testimonial 02
Yotam Salmon
Co-Founder & CPO
Alumni of ARAM Course. Ex Co-Founder of Viosense.
Testimonial 03
Ron Sapir
Co-Founder & CTO
Ex-Samsung, AI Algorithm Developer and Researcher at SIRC.